Artist: Josh Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida/Morte

Media: Painting, discarded flowers.

Gallery: Max L Gatov Gallery West


Instagram: @Joshybehr



Josh is currently an undergraduate student working on his bachelors in Art from CSULB, more specifically from the painting and drawing program. He is from the Los Angeles area and his interests revolve around painting and art. He has a very interesting take on life and death and he expresses it through his paintings.


As stated before Josh’s main focus is painting but his gallery consisted of various art pieces. For example his piece “Los ojos” was constructed using acrylic on red rosin paper and discarded flowers. His reason for using discarded flowers was to express the life cycle. The flowers were seen as dead and with no use to some, but Josh gave them a new life in his piece.


His gallery revolved around the theme of life and death. Many of the art pieces incorporated flowers or skulls in them. Josh intended the meaning of the skulls and the flowers to be very literal representation of life and death. Josh wants to hint at the idea of art having a life span. His art pieces will have a life spam of their in own, therefore life and death.


Josh’s gallery was a good visualization of life and death. His perception of the life cycle was brought to life by his art work and made me think of the simple concept of life and death. The first thought that came to my mind while he was explaining his use of discarded flowers was everything comes and goes. Meaning that everything has an end. I have never gave much thought to life and death but speaking with Josh for a minute or two made me think about the meaning a little deeper.