Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice, lots of parallels of faith

Media: Ceramic, raw clay, cement, mason stain

Gallery: Max L Gatov Gallery West


Instagram: @andreawilliammms


Andrea was born and raised in Riverside. She is currently an undergraduate student in the ceramics department. She is a mom and expecting another baby. She loves music and animals. She owns pigs, dogs and chicken.


Andrea uses different forms of media to create her art. For example she uses cement, clay and ceramic. She only uses a couple of colors but the way she uses them makes them pop. The texture looks rough to the touch and the size of her pieces are relatively big.


Her art looks religious in a way. At first glance it looks like something one might find in a church. She uses the women body to portray motherhood. Her work includes parallels between her work, herself and her faith.

My Experience:

In conclusion, her work seems to mirror her believes. I thought it was very interesting how she made her pieces and he materials she used to do so.