Artist: Bri Joy

Exhibition: Merged

Media: Screen Printing

Gallery: Gatov Gallery East


Website: N/A

Bri is transfer student from OCC. She is now a soon to be graduate from the CSULB Print Making Department. The reason she does not have a website right now is because when she graduates and goes “live” she wants to be “present”. If she had a website, people may ask it her art is for sale and she would not like to say no to them. She is too busy with work, school and art at the moment. Her hobbies are influenced by her small hometown. Some of them are yoga, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, hiking and other sports.

Her work features organic lines and no color. Her gallery was portraying her interest in the marriage of “organic and digital systems”. One of the reasons she used black and white in her work was to create a complex visual. Many of her pieces seem like a long continuous line, never breaking to create her art pieces.

Bri mentioned she was from a small town of about 1000 people. She described it as a very wilderness-ie area. She now lives in Long Beach, a very different place from where she grew up. She took this opportunity to use the gallery as her “template” and show her interpretation of the merging of her past and her present. Her work is positive to convey emotion.

Overall I enjoyed Bri’s art. I have never heard or seen screen print art and I thought what Bri could do with that was amazing. I also thought it was interesting how she could create such a variety of shapes and pieces using only black and white. Which makes sense because she mentioned she works with concept vs. color.