Enzo’s mother was a peasant and his father was a high class Scientologist. Tragedy struck on Enzo’s birth as his mother died giving him life. His father, Chewy, resented Enzo for that. Feeling hated, Enzo ran away to live in the Moonbase Alpha at the age of 9. He made a living as a mechanic. He quickly rose through the mechanic ranks as he had nothing but his mechanical interests. Naturally, Enzo made an Ironman suit with his skills. No one believed the myth of the man in the iron suit until one day, his suit was stolen. Enzo took to his fellow moonbase citizens for subtle ideas on making a better suit so he could fight his thief to regain his old suit.

Ava sold him some pretty strong powers.

Frizallina Pizzalini showed him the power of food.

Aurora showed him how to keep powers more secret.