Artist: Susanna Ali


Media: Copper, Metals

Gallery: Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: N/A

Website: N/A

Susanna Ali is a metals major at CSULB. Her inspiration towards art comes from her father since she was a kid. She started out using Photoshop but eventually moved to hands on art instead of being behind a screen. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, cooking, reading or playing with her cats.

Susanna uses metals for her art because to her it is very practical. She explained how her art pieces start out as an idea then move on to a concept sketch. After that she makes a model and finally moves to copper. One can easily tell there was a lot of planning to her pieces because of her intricate and unique designs. One of the pictures below shows a very creative necklace which is made up of many chain links. The other picture is of a wavy spoon figure.

She mentioned the environment as being one of her major inspirations and one can notice that through her pieces. Many of them which look like everyday objects with her personal artistic twist. One of the reasons she gravitated towards metals was the challenging aspect of it. To her, not everyone could make art pieces using metals as opposed to drawing or painting. This definitely shows in her art because some of her newer pieces seem more complex than her older ones.

Susanna seemed like a person who loves to challenge herself and try her best. I respect that and it definitely shows in her art. I am an engineering major so when I think of metals I think of computer components or mechanical components. Susanna takes metals and makes pretty amazing pieces of art with them.