Artist: Helen Werner

Exhibition: Silent Scream

Media: Oils, Pastels, Prints

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Instagram: N/A


Helen is currently in her last semester at CSULB as a Graduate student. She was born and raised in New York near Cornell University. She started her studying art at Boston University School of Fine Arts. She used her knowledge to teach others and she went on to eventually teach for about 30 years. She taught high school and middle school and after 13 years of teaching in Boston, she moved to Long Beach to continue teaching middle school students. When shes not making art pieces, she enjoys gardening and reading.

Helen uses many different types of media. Ranging from pastel drawings to screen prints. All of her art pieces in Silent Scream depict some sort of animal, mainly horses. At first glance they look like regular animals but once one takes time to analyze her work, one can notice that the animals are from carousels. The picture of the mainly blue carousel below did not come from her imagination, she sat on that carousel for 4 hours painting it. Her favorite carousel is the brownish one pictured below. (next to her).

The reason Helen gave for using so many carousels, antique carousels, was she believes adults are like carousels. She uses the antique carousel to express her feelings of society going around in circles. Although in her eyes society is going around in circles, there is still some beauty in it, as she depicts it as something old and beautiful.

In conclusion, I loved her idea of using carousels to depict society as a whole going in circles. The fact that all of the carousels in her pieces are real and not a result of her imagination show me how dedicated she is to her art. She is willing to sit on a carousels for hours on end to get the perfect representation of her views on life.