This week we had the pleasure to meet Marta Troya. Her recent life story is very impressive with all the traveling and the places she lives in away form home. She had an interesting art experience planned out for us. It included grabbing an over sized children’s book from the second floor of the library and reading it as a big group on the first floor of the library. The first floor of the library does not look like it belongs in a library so for people to read books there they should stand out. The other part of the experience was going to the book store and exploring the different areas of the store and interact with them.

A way to document an experience like this one is by someone not involved taking pictures. The person not involved should take pictures of not only the people involved but of the surrounding people to document their reactions as well. The style of pictures does not really matter as much as the amount. A variety of pictures have to be taken to document the many reactions form people. For example, during our experience, many people were very surprised by the amount of people reading books in the area in which we were reading them.

Being able to take pictures in the bookstore versus not being able to take pictures in the library only affects the way we can express our experience. By being able to take our own pictures, we were able to capture what we were seeing or feeling, rather than reeling on the pictures someone not involved took. Those pictures may not exactly capture the experience through our eyes.

Overall it was very interesting taking part in the activity because I have never really thought of challenging these areas and doing something drastically different. Someone mentioned it gave a flash mob feeling, I agree. I would probably take part in another social activity like this in the future.