Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: SUCCESSION

Media: Print making, Digital print

Gallery: CSULB Gatov Galery West

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Jennifer was not always an art major. Before art, she was an undergraduate biology student. She changed her major to art due to the fact that she wanted to grow in a different way. She is doing this gallery as a requirement for her degree in Fine Arts. Which she will be receiving her Masters in. After receiving her masters, she will teach art 270 during fall 2016.

Jennifer uses screen making and digital prints paired with Google’s public mapping service to depict recent urban changes in her art. With this tool, one can see any landscape with an “aerial” perspective as well as looking at them some time in the past. Some of the aerials views are not always up to date, so something one may see in person may not show up in the google tool. Jennifer describes these as “broad land relics” which show lots of human intervention. One can easily visualize this through her art, as some highways are seen cutting through trees and green land.

With all these changes being made to an ecosystem, either natural or artificial, Jennifer believes the ecosystem will always find a new state of equilibrium. She also believes in the ability of nature and the ecosystem being able to tell the earths history. Trees can live for hundreds of years and ecosystems such as forest can sustain themselves for millions of years. To her, that is an important part of how Earth tells its story. Not one spot in the ecosystem is the same, all telling a different story.

Jennifer’s work was very appealing to me. She cleverly used Google’s mapping service and added her own personal artistic touch to it. She has a very interesting take on the ecosystems and she uses her creativity to help the Earth tell its story. It was interesting seeing these different places through an aerial view as she depicted them.