Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: Untitled

Media: Cement, Wood, Shopping cart

Gallery: CSULB Gatov Galery East

Website: N/A

Instagram: @nickbamf4d

Nick is an undergrad student in Ceramics program of the Art degree in CSULB. He is graduating after this semester (Spring 2016) but he plans to go to graduate school after. Although he knows he is going to graduate school, he does not know where yet and when. He says he plans on waiting a year after graduating and in the mean time work on his art. His family did not really appreciate art as a whole but that is what he liked so he went for it. His favorite piece is the one with a shopping cart (pictured below).

Nick uses a variety of neon lights combined with a dark room to make his art pop. Some parts of his art has more lighting than others while some benefits from the shadows and leaking light. He explains his work to be very personal coming from different context and making the pieces whole. Nick says he was not “inspired” to do his exhibit in the dark, it just really happened.

Nick’s art work looks drastically different from any other exhibit this semester. One of the many things that set him apart is his lack of overhead lighting and including neon lights within his work. The lights combined with the dark room make certain parts of his work pop. Now, his work contained many different components which seemed like they did not belong together. For example, one piece had a skull while another piece included a shopping cart. This explains how Nick said he was not inspired by much but just did his art.

In conclusion I really enjoyed Nick’s gallery. It was very different and it set him apart from every other gallery I have gone to this semester. The reason I say this was the neon lights, the way he incorporated the neon lights with his work really caught my eye and made me stick around and analyze it further. My favorite piece was the one with the shopping cart as well.