This week we have the opportunity relive our previous pen pal experience with someone in our class. The first and only time I had a pen pal I was in elementary school so there was no smartphones nor snapchat. In a way snapchat has facilitated the way people send each other packages. A pen pal package usually included a post card and a letter. Through snapchat one can send a picture and write a brief message. That is where the similarities stop.

A pen pal package or in this case and art care package can be described as an ephemera. Like snapchats, an ephemera is described as something that is short lived or temporary. Something you send in a care package is only temporary. For example one can send snacks, a post card or even money. All those things are short lived. Although the person sending the care package might think his package is precious, the receiving person might think other wise or vice versa.

Although a care package and a snapchat have some similarities there is an added feeling of excitement when one receives a package through the mail. The amount of time it takes to receive something through traditional mail adds anticipation that an instant snapchat lacks.

It all goes back to individual perspective. Everyone perceives the world around them differently. One may see a wood chair while the person next to them sees a piece of art. One may see a care package as just a package being delivered to them while someone else may see the care package as an act of love.

My package includes a business card from my job, a capitalism article, a baby’s sock, Chipotle coupon and a mini bow tie.