Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: paper, ink, transparencies, litho stone

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: none

Instagram: none

Nancy Young is a very busy individual. Besides being busy completing her BFA in Printmaking at CSULB. She is also a programmer at City of Orange. Nancy stated that one of the reasons that it took her so long to finish her degree was due to some personal problems which she actually opened up about. She overcame those obstacles and did not let them hold her back. Having a positive impact on her life.

Young’s art work was very interesting. In consists of printmaking techniques such as lithography and a photo-polymer plate. In some of her pieces she was actually able to carve crows into what seemed like metal plates. Those plates seem rough to the touch, as opposed to the ink pieces which seemed very soft to the touch. Making her art both smooth and sharp.

Young wanted to be unique with her art. She also had a specific plan to follow. Like a bird eventually leaves its nest, Young wanted to travel to different workshops and create a piece at each workshop. She used all these landscapes as inspiration which she described as everyone having a different perspective of. Traveling and making a new work at each location was a very unique, just as she expected it to be.

Overall, Young’s work was very personal to her. Which makes it have meaning and for her to share that with everyone at the gallery was special. My favorite pieces were definitely the metal plates. Her ability to perfectly carve a crow onto a metal plate fascinated me. Not to undermine her prints, which were also fascinating. Every obstacle she overcame led her to make her beautiful art.